Six degrees of communication

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Amelia is still finding her voice, discovering her way in the world of words spoken out loud.

What she has – has always had – is a face like a roadmap, giving me clues to the nature of her mind, mood and heart.

I search her story-teller’s face for meaning, for answers about who she is, about the secrets she holds onto so tight.

She grabs my face impatiently, asking questions with her hands, demanding her own answers to the puzzles of speech, the riddles of sound.

We are bound, seeking each other in faces, voices and hands.


4 thoughts on “Six degrees of communication

  1. Melinda, I particularly like Photo#4. It says a lot about the wide range of expression and understanding that Amelia has. She is very physical with her communication.
    This shot is quite different to the other 5 in that it shows a maturity of thought well beyond her years. If we can get some verbal counterpoint to these emotions we will be very pleased for her.

    • I agree! She wasn’t talking in any of these shots, just pulling faces – she looks in the mirror a lot to see what her face is doing, or to see what crying looks like. It’s interesting to me. Sometimes the maturity of her expressions takes me by surprise. Thanks for the lovely comment Dad x

  2. Interesting. My daughter, who also is hearing impaired, also has very tell-tale facial expressions. I always know what she’s thinking because her face tells the whole story!

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